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About Us

The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) is Southeast Michigan's regional bus system helping people connect to work, school, medical appointments, shopping centers, entertainment and cultural events. SMART provides different types of transit services, each meeting a different need and giving residents the opportunity to get where they need to go. SMART continually monitors its routes and ridership, to make sure its resources are effectively and efficiently utilized, eliminating unproductive routes and reassigning those resources to high demand routes.

Fixed Route, Connector and ADA Paratransit and Community Transit services have a combined ridership of nearly 11 million riders annually. Operating 234 Fixed Route buses on 47 routes, 7 days a week, 22 hours a day, SMART buses keep the region moving. Connector is designed for seniors and people with disabilities who can't access SMART's regular Fixed Route service, but want to maintain their independence and stay healthy. Additionally, our Community Partnership Program (CPP), offers a partnership with 76 municipalities and organizations to support local transit service by leveraging federal funding and returning those funds back to local communities to build their own transit program.


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